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ok. i admit it, i can be a pig-headed chauvinist sometimes. i don’t think women are inferior or that calling chicks cunts is funny. i just don’t have any easy time understanding why terms or ideas that don’t offend me are offensive, or one might substitute the word difficult for offensive. but lately i’ve been […]

oh this is even better – a sorta music video with the ultimate kicking the crap out of phil collins while collins is wearing some adult baby costume. starring gilbert goddfried as the mastermind behind this whole thing. courtesy of the warped mind of jocko. who loves ya baby?

i took a walk down to blue bottle yesterday to take in the amazing weather and on my way i stopped into huf. i can’t help myself. i don’t buy shoes every time i go in, but i can’t go by without checkin out what’s new. i walk in and something is blasting over the […]