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This isn’t my only home on the web. You can find a little bit of Eric here and there. If you know me, you know where i work, otherwise you just get see where i play. If you want a one stop shop for most my bits and bobs around the web, you can hit up my tumblr page. Otherwise you can find me:

i play on other sites too, but i won’t add them to this list unless i play there regularly and actually like the sites.

if you want to talk to me, you can send me email by filling out the form below:


2 Responses to “Find Me”

  1. 1 greatguns

    You’re comment to Jockohomo re: pushups has me wondering: what does s2b mean? I’ll try a safe barbell press, but like Jim, the bar has messed up my shoulder. Appreciate your suggestion.

  2. 2 Tygon

    yo i TOTALLY feel ya on the MMA thing. you see Gonzaga knock out Cro Cop? BAD ASS DUDE! What are your thoughts on the ring vs the octagon? Who are your fav. fighters?


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