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if everything looks different and this site took you by surprise, then you got here because now is on tumblr instead of on wordpress. if everything looks the same to you, it’s because you’re using to read my shit, which is a bad idea considering how often i change my mind. i always redirect to whatever my current favorite is.

i’m not switching sides or part of some platform war. no one sequel is still on wordpress and i think it’s a great hosted blogging platform. but if you take a look at it, you’ll see i don’t update it very often. this is much easier to update with little things i want to share with you all without getting complicated. i’ll still use wordpress for the big complicated posts, but they’ll show up in tumblr anyhow.


hello, friends. you may see this page / feed change to THIS in the near future. it’s called a tumblog and i really like the way it works. it’s a short format blog thingy that has special formatting for different things like text, links, im snippets, pictures and videos. my use of twitter has taught me that i’m much more likely to post often with simple tools that don’t, by their design, demand that i put alot of thought or effort into the post. i write about 20 twitters or more for every 1 blog post i do. i take as many pictures, if not more, than i twitter. and two things i don’t really do with you because it’s such a pain on wordpress is share links or videos. these are all things tumblr is really good at.

tumblr is also really good at importing things like my tweets or my long blog posts from here and inserting them into a timeline along with all my micro-posts. i LOVE that.

but it’s bad at a few things too. first off. it’s bad at preserving an easily accessible history of things. second, it doesn’t have comments *at all.* which means it’s not good for discussion. and finally. it doesn’t appear to have any sidebar type thing where i can link to all your blogs.

so i’m confused as to what i should make the landing page for you. i’ll be honest and tell you that ummm, no one clicks on your links over to the right there. i’m sorry, i’m just not that popular and people here don’t care. so i don’t think that’s a big problem. and if i continue to post long discussion-worthy posts on this blog but just have tumbler show the posts, you’ll be able to click through to comment. which is an ok solution, i guess. but i’m just not sure. what do you think? would you rather have two separate pages for me or would you rather see the tumblog and click through to here for the long posts with comments?



veronica: I once danced with a boy who was wearing overalls with no shirt. He smelled awful. The end.

i know, first kicks, now this stuff. you’d think i should just re-activate bold swaths. in fact, i’m going to double post today’s stuff there and we’ll see how it goes. so watch that site for new goodness. if BS can’t be revived, i’m going to import those posts here so they can live on. anyhow…

i have decided to grow my hair out. after almost 20 years of shaving my head, i decided it couldn’t hurt to try if i had a goal in mind. all previous attempts at growing my hair failed because i didn’t have a goal set to reach, and so i was never that concerned about doing it right or not getting it cut. but now i have a goal. i want to look like hugh jackman did when he played wolverine. seriously. i know it’s crazy and it might not work, but i’m gonna put some serious effort into it.

so in order to do it right, i went shopping for some shampoo. hair ain’t gonna stay healthy when you wash it with the cheap stuff. so i checked out details for men and a bunch of other sites and every was talking about john allen stuff, but when i went to buy shampoo the place didn’t have any. so i looked at all the choices and what do you know but baxter, one of my favorites companies has a shampoo for men. the bottle says it has all these twigs and herbs in it to make your hair strong and keep it from falling out, and i have to say, it does what it says. every time i’ve tried growing my hair out before, i get a bunch of hairs in my hand every time i shower. not so, after i started using this stuff. now if only someone could recommend a conditioner to keep my hair healthy. dudes, my hair is brittle like straw. i use some shit from giovanni that at least keeps it soft.

on less frou frou note, jesse and i were in flight 001 the other day and happened upon a new brand of bags and stuff called property of… we were so struck by their stuff that jesse got a bag from them (the p.t. cycle) and i got a wallet (the cj). property of uses just the right combo of materials – a little leather for class, a little synthetic canvas for durability and clasps that do just the right job. the cj uses an elastic band to keep it closed. everything is simple, well shaped, and has just enough flourish that it won’t be mistaken for some generic shit. i wish there was a place nearby that carried everything they make, because some of it looks even hotter than the shit flight 001 had.

the third annual battlecry rally took place in SF. If you haven’t heard, battlecry is this christian youth movement created by this guy who wants to raise “soldiers for god” to fight against the gays, the jews, the media and all the big money industries that set the trends (hollywood, silicon valley, etc.) i’ve known about these guys for a while, every gay worth his weight in salt (yes, i used that metaphor intentionally. it’s double entendre riffic!) does. but then niall sent me this rolling stone article about them and i started to get scared. i know that people, me included, toss around references to nazis a bit too often these days. so pardon me. but this battlecry organization is just a little too much like the nazi youth movement. get a bunch of young, impressionable suburban teens together. tell them that the gays, the jews, the money making industries are the cause of all their woes. offer a way out. and as the movement gains momentum, use these kids as literal soldiers. first get them to gather data. then get them to fight a war.

are they raising an army to go fight in the mid-east assuming we keep up our invasion, or is this for a war at home. either way i’m a bit freaked out. and now more than ever i want to raise an army of my own.

i’ve got 100 things to say and i don’t feel like writing a post for each of ’em, so if you don’t like what i’m talkin about, just skip to the next paragraph.

i was sick last week and went into a bit of a tv coma when i couldn’t do anything else. i packed about 3 months worth of bravo reality tv shows into 24 hours and found myself hopelessly addicted to workout. and then hopeless in love with brian (aka peeler). a southern drawl, a little temper, a sensitive side, great athletic body, and a shaved head. i think i’ve found my new tv boyfriend. (and once again, he’s straight. GEEZ.)

speaking of athletic bodies, i think i got over whatever stupidity that was last week about me and the steroid look. i’m back to being really happy with what i’m doing workout wise. a weekend of good talks and good reading about muscle for purpose versus muscle for show really helped. the weirdest thing – i’ve put on about 6 or 7 pounds and everyone tells me i look smaller. people are asking if i lost weight. i guess that’s good news (density = power) but geez *a little* size wouldn’t hurt. isn’t there a nice compromise hiding somewhere. mikey and i checked our body fat on one of those crazy scales that zaps you. i was pretty happy with my results – just wanna drop a couple more percent (literally like 2-3, that’s it.)

solebox AF1

enough about workouts and bodies, are these not the hottest kicks ever? i’m hoping solebox will sell them online. the plain uppers and that bright midsole remind me of my i heart new york superstars. only it’s suede and orange. that is just so suave.

the 25 hottest pictures of cars from last year as judged by winding road. most are available as wallpapers for widescreen displays. it’s like porn without people.

roseanne barr has been on real time with bill maher alot recently, and honestly she’s impressed me. in fact, bill has a number of guests on who i normally wouldn’t respect but wind up impressing the hell out me. like ben affleck. seriously. judging by his acting, i thought he was a dope, but it turns out he’s pretty smart. anyhows it turns out roseanne is pretty smart too. she really understands how political action affects (or doesn’t) the average american worker, and even though i’m not in the same income bracket, i can still relate and appreciate her efforts. so today roseanne calls out the gays, not all gays, the politically active gays and says they only care about themselves and gay issues. and you know what? i totally agree. in fact, jocko and i were just talking about this yesterday. gay issues are important to me, and yes i care about instances where it seems our rights are being revoked. but GEEZ, i care alot more about our economy, our international relations, our soldiers, our environment than i do about getting married. and i know the gays i know feel the same way. and surprise, none of us are active in gay politics.

phew. one final thought. i think a country’s pop music says alot about the spirit of that country. thai music is sweet and sappy. brazilian music is silly with a pounding rhythm. what is american pop?

shoney, shoney we practiced this all day shoney. and look what happened. george st. pierre slips, matt serra sees his chance. 3 hard rights and a left later he’s on top pounding the back of gsp’s head into the mat and what do you know. the nicest guy in the ufc is now welterweight champion. good goin matt!

and thank you josh koscheck, for working on your strikes and using them to control diego. it’s so nice to see that guy lose. i know tomorrow diego’s gonna be all “i didn’t really lose, he barely hurt me, and i coulda taken him.” but you know diego? you didn’t. you didn’t try a single take down. you didn’t try to change your game the entire three rounds. you played a game of attrition thinking josh would slip up. but he didn’t. and many mma fans out there have breathed a collective sigh of relief. maybe now that gsp is a top contender again you’ll fight him next, and lose a second time.

and to kendall grove, thank you for teaching us what a darce choke was, i never would have known about it if it wasn’t for you.

all in all, a night of satisfying victories.