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what happens when the wrong person is seen wearing your logo: paris is apperently trying to reinvent herself as gwen stefani from 10 years ago. at least christina aguilera is only trying to re-invent herself as gwen from 3 years. so for her b-boy streetwear phase, paris gets some promo shots taken wearin a modded […]

so snickers runs this ad during the superbowl… and based on that alone, lots of gays were amused and lots of straights were bored. the commercial was safe enough to make everyone happy. which is fine. boring, but fine. but along with that commerical, snickers also put up a website at both and […]

this pic (click for biggernator) from engadget basically says all there is to say about why like all of microsoft’s first efforts, the new zune is gonna suck. i know i’m gonna come off like a total apple fan boy here, and in some ways i am. but if you need a kiosk and a […]

the best commercial for the worst coffee. wake up you sleepy head, you can sleep when you (clap clap) dead. thanks boing boing.

take one look at the A170 video lightsign airship. it’s a blimp with a huge color LCD on the side to display video advertising. look familiar? are images of pan asian ladies taking pills then smiling running through the back of your mind? between this, all the huge megatower construction projects, and everything else, the […]

there are periods in advertising history when a catchy song starts to peak just as it’s been licensed for a commercial. i’m not talking about how everyone and his brother has been using postal service songs (or covers of them) because although they are catchy (in an emo sort of way), they are sadly past […]

stop shouting


back in the old days of advertising, they used to believe that commercials should be louder than tv shows so it would grab our attention. but over time we learned that as things got loud, we should probably ignore them because they were commercials. so smart advertisers realized we were resisting because we didn’t want […]